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gold extraction methods

Gold extraction strategies

The strategy for extraction contrasts on the accompanying grounds:
  • The level of gold in the example
  • The size of the gold particles..visible..microscopic..etc..
  • The sort of metals interlaced with gold
Gold is either with different metals like silver, copper, zinc and consequently buoyancy is utilized to isolate these minerals, and on the off chance that the gold with silver needn't bother with buoyancy

Concerning the strategies for extricating gold, they are:

The cyanide strategy is the most proficient technique

The regal water technique ... you should know about the risks of gases, and furthermore the most common way of storing gold among the minerals disintegrated with it is muddled for non-experienced scientific experts

The lead technique, which comes from 100 percent of the current gold and is appropriate for infinitesimal examples

In any case, its drawbacks:

the expense

The risk of the gold recuperation process called Cupellation, which causes lead vapor in an extremely enormous extent

The mercury technique .. the proficiency of this strategy doesn't surpass 40% notwithstanding that it isn't reasonable for tiny examples .. also here it is noticed that the strategy for recuperating gold is by the distellation technique.

There are strategies that rely upon centrifugation, yet these techniques are just reasonable for tests that contain apparent bits of gold or possibly don't cover with silica particles.

Before we talk about extraction techniques, I might want to specify a snippet of data.. Gold is never as a compound, however it exists freely as either tiny pieces or enormous apparent pieces, and once in a while masses of up to a few ounces, yet a large portion of the gold is in an infinitesimal structure covering with the silica particles found with it. .

First strategy:

The cyanide method..:- This strategy, as we referenced, is the best technique as far as
  • absolute expense.
  • How much toxins unsafe to the climate.
  • Extraction productivity.. Its productivity comes to 96%.
  • The chance of reusing the materials utilized once more.

Technique steps:-

Before the crushing system, there is a requirement for pulverizing, which happens in three phases


It is exceptionally vital in separating gold in all ways, however in the cyanide strategy it is of unique significance in light of the fact that the size of the stone particles should not surpass 100 microns, and along these lines the effectiveness of this technique relies upon the proficiency of grinding....and this is an image of one of the plants utilized in crushing.


It is a strategy in light of the way that gold is the most noteworthy thickness of minerals (its particularity is 19), in which the squashed rocks are blended in an enormous metal chamber until the gold particles slip to the base and consequently the centralization of gold expansions in the lower part and in this way the aftereffect of the extraction is great .... what's more here is an image of the Froth buoyancy gadget


It is finished by taking the lower part of the stone that has been thought and absorbing it an answer of 03% cyanide

Sodium. The medium should be essential. Hence, 2 g/liter of sodium hydroxide is added. This response doesn't occur besides within the sight of oxygen. Hence, an air stream should be passed inside the arrangement, or the arrangement should be blended in the factory with the stones during the crushing system... what's more to show the need of oxygen in the response.